looking for a driving instructor in burton on trent?

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Are you looking for a driving instructor in Burton on Trent?

Do you want an instructor who’s friendly, patient, and understanding of your concerns?

Would you like to learn from an instructor who is highly experienced in driving and someone who was once in the same scenario you’re in today?

Do you want the confidence to be able to get out there and drive?

Well you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we can offer you today.

Experienced drivers

We’re not going to put you in a car with some guy who’s only been driving for a year or two.

Our instructors are dated veterans who at least have 10 years of experience. We’ve made all the mistakes you could possibly think of. Our trainers have drove in the quietest streets to the busiest places in the country like London.

It’s really awkward sitting there watching some guy or gal faffing around. Trying to figure out what they should do next.

Our methods of training are proven and tested. The instructor you’ll be with is someone you can relate to. Someone who feels familiar and someone who’s going to teach you to be a great Burtonian driver.


Our trainers are carefully handpicked, we don’t hire just anyone. They meet the criteria of a fantastic instructor you can learn from and get along with.

Flexible timing

Your life is extremely busy, we fully understand that. You’ll be pleased to know we’re always open to discussing anytime you’re available to take lessons.

School life can be tough, we’ve all been there. You have course work to do and a bunch more assignments. Ah, I remember those annoying times…

A child is also a major responsibility. You have to be there for them the majority of the time and it’s draining. Just trying to get a shower in can be tough.


We’re here for you, put your feet up and relax. We’ll be there when you need us, just a phone call away.

Remember, we’re here to support you and committed to making you a damn good driver. It’s our passion, speciality and above all, it’s our word.

Our business is shaped around you and your needs. You may have school, a job, children and other commitments. That why we’re fully committed to working on your schedule.

We’re always there to support you

Taking lessons can feel like a daunting task. I remember when I first started taking lessons, I was afraid to even touch the pedals because I thought the car would zoom forward and crash.

Sometimes we have these irrational thoughts in our head that’s holding us back from our true potential.

Every single one of our instructors have experienced the worse of these fears and we assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

You’re in the hands of real driving instructors. We can help relieve you of any worries or anxieties you have.

We’re fully committed and do our absolute best to put ourselves in your shoes. We understand everyone is different and learn in different ways and speeds.

Us at Burton on Trent Driving instructor are here to guide you. It’s OK to make mistakes. In fact, you need to make mistakes.


Because that’s how us humans are programmed to learn. We have to fully experience those mistakes in order to truly learn.

In no time you’ll be able to drive in busy places like like St Peter’s bridge.

Up to date trainers


No one wants a teacher who doesn’t know what they’re doing and we’ve all had one of them (or at least I have).

You don’t want to learn outdated driving information and then take your test, thinking you’re going to past. Only to have your hopes come tumbling down.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy with low quality instructors. All of our instructors are up to date on the latest road rules and we only adopt the best teaching methods.

We will teach you how to adopt positive driving habits. We’ll teach you about safety, what ‘that’ does, and ultimately, how to become a well rounded driver.



No one out there wants to pay an arm and a leg for driving lessons in Burton. You simply want to learn and get the learning how to drive part of your life out of the way.

Driving is a valuable skill to learn and it shouldn’t be expensive.

Even with our incredibly trained instructors, we provide lessons which are affordable for all.

We’re affordable, not cheap. Cheap instructors will get you cheap results…

…Instead, we’re premium quality at a price for all.

For the pricing, please give us a ring.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Many businesses rely on word of mouth to keep them running and it’s no different for us. Your problem is our problem.

That’s why we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction and making sure you come out on top in your driving test.

Quality is what we teach. We will get you into the right driving habits and mindset. You’ll understand exactly what to do in trivial situations.

We teach you to relax and and adopt caution at the same time. They’re both critical when driving.

If you’re too relaxed, you’re going to end up in an awkward situation, or worse. If you’re concentrating too much, you’ll tire yourself out and hate driving.

Don’t hesitate and give us a call today.


We're friendly and would love to help you learn how to drive.

“We are a local company dedicated to providing the best driving lessons to Burton on Trent and Lichfield.

Burton on Trent Driving Instructor was created to help our clients receive a positive experience when having to learn how to drive.

We strive to attain a higher standard of quality than our competition without having our customer break the bank.” MORE






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The driving instructor is easy to get along with and makes the things you learn easy to understand. Everything is broken down into digestible information that doesn’t cause any information overload or worrying. Thanks!


Nice trainer. I could easily asks questions and get a straight-forward and easy to understand answer. 

Linda Guthrie

Cynthia Henry

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