Is Burton on Trent a good place to learn how to drive?

Some people may say it sucks and others may say these people don’t know what they’re talking about, it’s a great place to learn how to drive.

As a proud Burtonian, I believe Burton is a great place to learn how to drive?


Because Burton is a fairly quiet place. It’s a small town and very quiet when you compare it to places like Birmingham or London.

If you were to try and learn how to drive in places like London, it would be a nightmare.

London is by far the most populated place in the country. It’s packed with people and as a result, cars.

It can be extremely nerve-racking to learn how to drive in the big cities because if you mess up, you could cause a mess.

That’s why our little Burton is a great place to learn how to drive. It’s very easy to find a quiet place to learn how to drive.

Even on a busy road like Branston, you can turn right or left and find a bunch of quiet roads.

branston road

If you go out into busy places in the town like Cooper Square, it’s still not all that busy.

Is Burton on Trent a Good Place to Learn How to Drive?

I’ve been to places in Birmingham, to be honest, a lot of the city sucks and it’s not a place where I’d like to live. (no offence to any of my Brum town bredrins, ya get me)

Burton is a lot quieter and it’s so much easier to drive around here. At night it can sometimes feel like a post-apocalyptic scene.

That’s how quiet it gets.

However, this could also be a negative

If you dive into the worse situations, it can make you stronger.

The same goes for driving. If you drive in harder areas, you will drive a lot better overall.

I would recommend choosing us if you’re serious about learning how to drive.

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